"My Campus Canopy is my favorite new thing. You can just crawl in and block out the stress and chill in your own little world. Falling asleep is so much easier! I wish every student squished in a dorm could have one of these. The world would be a happier place." (UCLA)


My Campus Canopies is a life changer. Living in a dorm, my personal space is very limited. When I need some alone time, I close my Campus Canopies and enjoy the solitude. One of the greatest investments ever! Plus, it adds great pop to my room.” (Baruch College)

Mary (Parent)

"My daughter loves her Campus Canopy. It was the best investment we could make in her dorm room." (Sarah Lawrence)


"I love my roommate but the additional privacy makes for a better friendship." (University of GeorgiA)


"My Campus Canopy is awesome! It blocks out my roommate's light at night, gives me a relaxing space,  and it looks great!" (Claremont McKenna)


"Perfect to prevent screen glare, which was becoming a problem between my roommate and I - one watching Netflix, one trying to sleep."(loyola)


"It was super easy to build and its so pretty! I love it so much!" (UCLA) 


"I am definitely sleeping better!" (UCLA)