The CAMPUS CANOPIES idea was born when my eldest daughter left home for boarding school. While doing some last minute school shopping, I saw a store clerk taking down a window display of long bamboo poles. With a little ingenuity and creativity, my daughter and I built a canopy structure out of the poles and put beautiful Indian tapestry fabric panels around her bed.

When my youngest daughter was leaving for college, I told her about what I had done for her older sister, and she said, “Mom, you have to do that for me, too!” We set up a canopy in her college room and created a beautiful new space. Quickly, news began to spread on the University of Maryland campus. When her friends saw it, they asked me to make a canopy for them, too.

That was when I realized I had not just an idea, but a business.

Students arrive on campus and are immediately put into a shared living space with a roommate they have never met before. Some roommates develop into life-long friends, but often the experience is awkward and stressful. Most students have different study habits and sleep schedules. One roommate might be an early riser, while another will study until 3 a.m.

Sleep, the most precious commodity, is always in short supply. College success depends on getting a good night’s sleep.

CAMPUS CANOPIES, a health and wellness product, creates "Seven Feet of Privacy" where you sleep, study and play. I hope you enjoy our website and will order our product.